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(We are Insured, USDA and Animal Welfare Act Inspected & Certified)

 About Some of The Rescue Animals, Your Questions & Donations

  1. Petting Zoo Animals
    The Petting Zoo Animals are Various kinds of Bunnies, Various Breeds of Chickens, Ducks, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Hedge Hog, Colorful Hair Sheep (lambs when we have babies), Silky Fainting Goats (kids when we have babies), We also have a Pot Belly Pig we have rescued and rehabilitated along with a recently adopted Miniature Horse. Most of the animals in our Petting Zoo are Animals we have rescued and brought back to good health and given them a home when some can't be kept or cared for any longer by their previous owners. The Animals that we bring to your events may vary because we switch off changing different animals giving them a rest in between Petting Zoo's We also have a white Miniature Horse that we use as a UNICORN for events, we can use different colors for his Mane, Tail and Forelock, such as Pink (see his picture in meet some of the animals), or he can stay just pure white, no harm to the Miniature Horse the colors wash right out after the event, we do the UNICORN mainly during warm months if the colors are needed, to allow for him to have a bath, contact us for pricing as it will vary depending on your location and duration you will need us there for the event.
  2. Petting Zoo Questions You May Have
    Q -Will I be able to interact with the Animals? A- Yes, you actually do get to touch, pet & hug the Animals Q- Do I have to buy feed to get them to come to me to pet? A- No, you don't need feed to get them to be able to pet. Q- Are the Animals clean? A- Yes, they receive a good grooming & or a Bath except for the Hamsters, Hedge Hog & Ducks Q- What type of area is required for the Animals to be at our Event? A- As long as you have a some what grassy area it is preferred but if not available we can bring some type of ground cover such as straw if needed but let us know what type of area they will be in. For indoors we have special cages with pine shavings & tarp covers for flooring. Q- Do the Animals bite? A- No, they may be looking for a treat and nibble looking for treats. They do not intentionally bite. Q- How do I know if you can use something I wish to donate? A- Just send us an email to ask us any questions you may have, that aren't answered on our website. Q- How much time is required for stetting up the Petting Zoo at out event? A- We usually would like to start setting up at least one hour ahead of the Event time. Q- How much advance notice is needed to schedule a Petting Zoo for my Event? A- We would like at least a week notice if at all possible, to get the Animals all cleaned up if need and pack everything up in the trailer & vehicle for the event. But some exceptions have been made. Q- Do you just rent out certain Animals instead of the whole Petting Zoo? A- Just email us with your certain requests, we will try to accommodate all your requests if at all possible.
  3. Your Donations, Payments & Deposits
    If you would like to donate items or Money donations please email us at: [email protected] or you can just send your money donations by regular mail to us at: Heavenly Heart Farm & Mini Petting Zoo P.O. Box 332 Edinburg, VA. 22824 If sending a Check or Money order please make out to: Jeanie Funkhouser We can even arrange to come pick up items that can't be mailed. Please if you are unsure or have any questions please email us at: [email protected]